So here it is…ONE MORE TIME!

Apparently a lot more than you’d think at KFC in Hartlepool!


Be sure to catch the RoC from Dusseldorf on Sunday shown live on Motors TV (Sky ch.413, Virgin ch. 545)

With champion drivers from various motor sport disciplines in close head to heads races it is always a good bit of petrolhead TV.

See for full event information!

Big update on the blog is, well, the blog!

Still a bit more to do but really pleased with how its coming together 😀

It’s that time of year. For the first time I’m taking part in the awesome event that is Movember.

Head over to to check on the progress of my ‘stache and please give to the worthy causes!


If you haven’t heard of short film genius, Stephen Brooks where have you been!?

His films are inspirational to whipper-snapper amateurs like myself.

If you haven’t seen all of his work you really should spend some time exercising bandwidth and catching up on his Vimeo channel > here – warning [dad head on!] – a couple of the vids have a bit of language in them so those of you with small persons around take note!

Here’s his latest car related film from the goings on at Awesomefest last month. Utterly brilliant as per usual. Hate you Brooksie! 😛

AWESOMEFEST 2011 : THE FILM from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.

Well the reason I have been quiet for, well, ages. Too long really…so honestly I’ve been busy and forgot to post, okay? I said it, there…on with the post…

In the past few months I’ve been working to redevelop a few of the websites and trying to improve my photography skills, which has been particularly a learning curve but I’m getting there. I’ve also been very busy through the spring into summer with the team at Pantastic. That’s continuing in the next few weeks with lots of gigs lined up between now and the end of September (check the Pantastic site for dates!).

Also, in the last month I have proudly taken on the role of North East rep for the Nissan 200sx Owner’s Club (SXOC). I’m really enjoying being involved with the club more actively after being a member for 3 years.

Sadly the 200 itself is not in a great way…rust is starting to take hold around the arches and brake issues are a particular annoyance if driving at anything more than residential speeds. They were made a lot better thanks to the work of JGW racing but within a week Donington Park broke them again (I was innocent in the whole thing!). Hopefully this will be sorted soon with some S15 calipers replacing the ageing S14a units on the fronts.

So what’s changed in the world of VM-D?
If you head over to you will see a whole new contemporary layout. The old site was very basic and needed updating massively to reflect the bands reputation. It still needs the odd page finishing and uploading but this will hopefully come together over the coming weeks. Also Facebook were kind enough to lose the Pantastic group so I had to quickly set about setting up a replacement fan page….which is better anyway with a bit of messing about.

This week I had a new site go live for Natalie’s Cake Creations. Natalie makes cakes to order and wanted a blog site to easily update her customers and new customers on developments and her products. After settling on a URL I quickly worked with Natalie to come up with the blog exactly how she wanted it. It is integrated with her business’ already established Facebook page as she wanted also. The end product was another happy project end user. So a happy me. You can see the new site at

In other news, I have been working on another project that has been ongoing for a while now…its stepped up a gear this week, so check back soon for more info on that…

I stumbled on a site a couple of days ago that gives some great info for track enthusiasts.

It details and reviews tracks from all over the world. Hop over and check them out.

Click to visit Track Reviewers

After reading an article about the Nissan Leaf EV arriving in dealerships, it appears Nissan are going with the plural of ‘Leafs’!?

Surely it should be ‘Leaves’?

Just had me thinking…you can consider this 10-25 seconds you will never get back…. You’re entirely welcome!

Here are a few sites for you to check out in your idle moments…. – NE Motor Sport Coverage By Cal
Taysilla – Grass roots and BDC Drifting coverage By ‘Lozza’ – Drifting coverage from around the world – Tuning, Car Porn and Motor Sport
Check back for more soon!

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